5-day leadership development programme

Are you leading a particular academic department, administrative office or an entire institution? Join IAU’s  LGEU on 2-7 June 2019 in Paris, France! This 5-day leadership development programme offers you a unique opportunity to learn about innovative leadership practices and build new institutional partnerships. We’ve already admitted participants from countries as diverse as Afghanistan, Brazil, Bangladesh, France, Hong Kong, Kenya, Romania, Turkey and the UK!
Delve into these pressing questions
■ How is globalization affecting higher education in your country/institution?
■ How strategic is your approach to global engagement?
■ How can you implement change to adapt to the transformations affecting higher education?
■ What are the necessary leadership skills to enhance the innovative potential of your teams?
Engage in design thinking
Learn about ISIT’s approach to embedding intercultural perspectives in the very management of a university, and engage in design thinking to find innovative ways of adapting the notion of “intercultural” to your institutions.
Visit France’s renowned universities
The institutional visits to École normale supérieure and CentraleSupélec, two French leading universities will offer you first-hand knowledge of the local practices and innovations.
ISIT, an international school
at home in the world
Founded in 1957, ISIT trains multilingual experts in intercultural management and communication. A prominent IAU Member, ISIT provides students with cross-cultural knowledge that helps them meet the demands of complex professional environments and make a difference in society. At ISIT, students, teachers and staff share a common set of values: curiosity, ethics, audacity, rigour, passion and humanism.
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Registration deadline
5 May 2019
€ 2,700 : IAU Members
€ 2,250 : IAU Members from France
€ 6,000 : Non-Members
For inquiries, please contact Juliette Becker.
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