Clinical Pharmacotherapy for Advanced Practice Nursing

Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology

Responsible for introduction: Prof. Meretskyi V.M.

The aim of the study of Clinical Pharmacotherapy for Advanced Practice Nursing is to introduce nurse with the principles of drug therapy of certain nosologic groups of diseases that will enhance the professional competence of future nurses, creating in them a broad erudition.

During studying the discipline “Clinical Pharmacotherapy for Advanced Practice Nursing ” students must solve such problems: sticking to the rules of ethics and deontology; to solve complex problems related to the relationship between doctor and patient; identify known drugs through international, trade, chemical names for their assignment to specific pharmacological and pharmacotherapeutic group;  use normative and reference books on medicines;  identify needed for comparison the characteristics of drugs and conduct comparative characteristics of drugs including chemical structure, mechanism of action and pharmacological properties on the basis of literature data and supporting documentation; on the basis of clinical diagnosis, taking into account individual patient characteristics (sex, age, presence of comorbidities) to analyze medical appointments sheets and make corrections.