Actual issues of dental radiography

Department of Orthopedic Dentistry

Responsible for implementation – PhD Hrad A. O.

The x-ray method occupies a leading place in the complex examination of patients with diseases of the maxillofacial region. Radiography is a method of x-ray examination in which using x-ray radiation on a material sensitive to it (x-ray film) receive a fixed image of the investigated object.

The use of radiography in the diagnosis of a variety of pathological processes is a standard and integral part of any comprehensive examination. Intrascopic methods of research in dentistry are also being developed during the implementation of various high-tech practices. At the present stage, the x-ray examination method in dentistry cannot be called auxiliary. This is one of the main diagnostic methods.

First, in most cases, the final diagnosis is made based on radiological data; secondly, no dental intervention can be considered adequate without detailed radiological monitoring.

The use of repeated radiographs in the dynamics of treatment allows you to track the progress of the pathological process, identify and prevent possible complications in time, make a plan and prognosis of orthopedic treatment.