Basic manufacturing technology of dental prostheses

Department of Orthopedic Dentistry

Responsible for implementation – PhD Demkovych A.Ye.

Modern dental prosthetics and the use of innovative techniques and materials allow us to completely restore the lost function of the dental-jaw system.

At the present level of development of dentistry implementation of modern technologies at the stage of diagnostics and treatment of patients with defects of hard tissues of teeth and dental rows remains relevant.

Denture means restoration of lost or destroyed teeth with different removable and non-removable designs. Each type of prosthesis has its own indications and contraindications, depending on the existing clinical situation.

With the advent of new generation materials, prosthetics have become much more sophisticated and involve the use of materials that have a beautiful aesthetic appearance and high durability.

The denture is a sophisticated orthopedic structure that restores lost teeth and maximally restores the lost function of the dental maxillary system. The main task facing the orthopedic dentist is to select a prosthesis design that will not only replace the missing teeth, but will also make this replacement unnoticeable and convenient for the patient.

The purpose of teaching the discipline “Basic manufacturing technology of dental prostheses” is to create a system of knowledge for students about modern technologies for the manufacture of fixed and removable dentures.