Modern technologies of solid-cast prosthetics

Department of Orthopedic Dentistry

Responsible for implementation – PhD Demkovych A.Ye.

Nowadays, the issue of the aesthetics of removable and non-removable orthopedic structures is one of the leading requirements of patients.

Orthopedic treatment of patients with partial tooth loss has a curative and prophylactic purpose. In modern conditions, the requirements for the aesthetic appearance of dentures are on par with the need to replace the lost function of the dental-jaw system. The most aesthetic and functional characteristics at the present stage of dentistry development are metal-free structures. However, solid cast metal-ceramic prostheses have not lost their relevance. Manufacturing metal-ceramic orthopedic structures is a very complex process that requires a special approach and high precision at all clinical and laboratory stages, as well as a special set of objects, tools, materials and equipment.

The production of modern orthopedic structures is impossible without the use of precision casting technology. Quality denture must meet all modern requirements of medicine; satisfy both the patient and the doctor. Therefore, an orthopedic structure made using modern technologies, dental equipment and dental materials is able to fully restore the lost function of the dental-jaw system.