Pharmacist’s communication skills

Department of Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology

The elective discipline of the “Pharmacist’s communication skills” is practical base for building future successful interaction between the pharmacist and the patient and enables students not only to master the system of psychological knowledges, but also to provide the formation of psychological skills on this basis, which is one of the important element in the professional training and professional activity of the specialist; promotes understanding and solving the most effective methods of influence on the patient’s personality.

The subject of study of the discipline are the basic psychological features, mechanisms, forms of communication process and individual-psychological differences of personality, which are manifested in professional communication, create a system of psychological knowledge of students; to familiarize with regularities of formation of need for communication in the process of ontogenesis, concepts of verbal and non-verbal communication; consideration of perceptual mechanisms and effects of social perception; analysis of the causes of difficulties in communication; to help in solving the issues of building and organizing interpersonal interaction in the collective, in the analysis of various professional situations, in the comprehension of the most effective methods of influencing the personality of the sick person.