Psychology of communication. Basics of consumer behavior

Department of Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology

Professional communication with a patient involves receiving information, clarification, education, persuasion, emotional support.

The effectiveness of professional communication depends on the development of certain competencies of the specialist – communicative, psychological, social.

Course “Psychology of Communication. Basics of Consumer Behavior” is directed on forming students’ knowledge of basic categories and concepts of psychology of communication, mastering the basic methods of researching interpersonal interaction; understanding of the nature and specifics of business communication and features of communication and interpersonal interaction in the professional activity of pharmacy professionals; gives a general understanding of the basic principles of consumer behavior in pharmacy: theoretical and methodological bases of studying consumer behavior by ways of influencing customers, taking into account the specifics and features.

The subject of study of the discipline “Psychology of Communication. Basics of Consumer Behavior “are the main patterns of communication as a type of human activity and the study of consumer decision-making processes about the buing of goods, internal and external processes and the factors that determine it.

Interdisciplinary Relations: “Psychology of Communication. Basics of Consumer Behavior “as a discipline based on the study of ethics and deontology in pharmacy, philosophy, culture of scientific language.

The purpose of teaching the discipline “Psychology of communication. Basics of Consumer Behavior ” is learning the content, structure and the basic laws of communication as a type of human activity and the formation of students’ communicative qualities, skills as a components of the psychological competence of a specialist in the pharmaceutical industry, the formation of the idea of ​​consumer behavior as an effective process and application by the students of higher education of acquired skills in professional activity.