Homeopathic drug technology

Department of Pharmacy Management, Economics and Technology

Resposible for implementation – Berdey I.I.

The subjects of elective discipline «Homeopathic drug technology» are:
the basics of the method of homeopathic treatment,
theories of the mechanism of action of homeopathic drugs,
the principle to choose a preparation for the patient,
the design of the prescriptions, technology of the homeopathic remedies, peculiarities of the use of the natural raw materials in homeopathy and the application of methods of qualitative analysis of homeopathic remedies.
The purpose of the course «Homeopathic drug technology» is to make professional knowledge deeper and familiarize students with the theoretical and practical basics of technology of homeopathic drug in pharmacy conditions, quality control, rules for design of prescriptions, storage conditions and features of homeopathic remedies usage by patients.

The main tasks of the course «Homeopathic drug technology» are students`; mastering of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and skills of preparation of homeopathic drugs in pharmacy conditions.