Side effects of drugs

Department of Clinical Pharmacy

Resposible for implementation – O.V. Shmanko

The purpose of subject “Side effects of drugs” involves ensuring a sufficient level of knowledge about side effects of medicines according to the needs of health care. During studying the discipline “Side effects of drugs” students must solve such problems:
1) Determine the classification of side effects of drugs.
2) Provide specific knowledge of side effects drugs as a theoretical basis for drug treatment and prevention of possible complications.
3) Provide basic knowledge of the alleged side effects of different pharmacological drugs, possible manifestations of the various systems and organs, the main risk groups for the development of side effects.
Large advances in clinical pharmacology and pharmacotherapy allowed not only significantly extend the arsenal of drugs, but necessitated a more in-depth analysis of the causes and mechanisms of adverse reactions. According to WHO from 3 to 15% of all complaints of patients to the doctor worldwide due to complexity of pharmacotherapy. Mortality from side effects ranked fifth in the world after cardiovascular system, lung cancer pathologies and injuries. According to WHO recommendations “adverse side reaction” is defined as unwanted, harmful to the human body reaction that occurs during using drugs at usual doses for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
In clinical and pharmacological aspects all unwanted side reactions are divided into 7 groups:

– allergic reactions immediate and delayed type;
– pharmaco-toxic reactions;
– changes in immunological properties of the organism;
– complications caused by genetic enzymopathies;
– withdrawal syndrome;
– side effects chronopharmacological origins;
– complications arising from physico-chemical and pharmacological drug interactions.
The main objectives of the course “Side effects of drugs” drawing attention to the need of prevention side effects of drugs by pharmacists . The multilateral study of clinical and pharmacological aspects of drug therapy complications reveals the mechanism of adverse reactions and on that basis develop a scientific and reasonable measures for their prevention. Prevention of side effects of medicines is one way to further improve the efficiency of pharmacotherapy. 70-80% of complications of pharmacotherapy may prevent or reduce to a minimum due diligence and consideration of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic mechanisms of drugs.