Biogenic elements

Department of General Chemistry

Responsible for implementation: Ph.D., Assoc. Zahrychuk Hryhoriy Yaroslavovych, Ph.D, Ass. Prof. Anna Demyd, Ph.D, Ass. Prof. Lesya Gnatyshyna

Biogenic elements is the discipline that studies the role of chemical elements in the physiological processes of living organisms, the role of elements and their compounds in medicine, generates initial level of students’ knowledge required for successful study of special subjects and the tasks of professional activity.
This course will acquaint students with modern data on the role of elements and their compounds in biochemical processes; will provide information on the classification of chemical elements according to their content in the body and biological role; will acquaint the students with the application of physiologically active substances based on inorganic, coordination and organometallic compounds in medicine in the form of drugs, biomaterials, radiopharmaceuticals.
The study of mechanisms of toxicity of exogenous inorganic metals, other xenobiotics and explanationion of approaches to detoxification and searching of detoxifying agents are the integral part of the course.