Summer is approaching and the end of this academic year is coming closer. This semester with extra ordinary conditions has given us new experiences that have influenced the way we work and think. The most of the BUP activities during spring were cancelled and decided to be postponed to fall or later on, who knows. But still some activities and the cooperation with and between colleagues at Member Universities is in full action, as the ongoing project Baltic Sea Region Climate Change Curriculum with 30 researchers from nine BUP countries cooperating to develop a new BUP course module with the focus on Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region, as well as the planning for the BUP Research Forum in August. More than a year now, we have planned the BUP Symposium 2020, the first BUP symposium ever! It has been exciting and hard work. And it has really paid off!

The symposium attracted a lot of attention. When the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic obliged us to cancel the planned physical meeting in Visby, we decided to have the BUP Research Forum and the 5th World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities online. The idea and work with the symposium has given us a push forward in building networks of BUP researchers. We are soon reaching 100 researchers that have shown an interest in one or more of the ten BUP Themes. We have also noticed that more and
more researchers do contribute with their new published papers to the BUP Research Notes Letter.
Holding a symposium online is only slightly different from a real life version, it takes significant time and commitment from the participants. For the organization staff, it has been a steep learning curve in on-line events organizing. Perhaps this might lead us to reconnect to online events in the future. I am of course thinking about the BUP history with satellite events. As the first part of the BUP symposium 2020 had to be cancelled altogether, and due to the fact that next year will be the Celebration 30th year of BUP, it has been decided to have a BUP symposium 2021! Already now make a note in your calendar 23rd – 27th of August 2021 and plan to meet in Visby, Sweden. In this issue of the newsletter you find a brief account of the exciting plans. As before, we invite You to contribute! We are first and foremost looking for researchers from our Member Universities who would like to make a 15 minutes presentation on ongoing or recently conducted research findings, so please help us spread the word.

The ten BUP Themes have a great potential being a source of information where it is possible to both collect and submit material to add to the multi-, inter-, and trans disciplinarity and to develop collaborations between researchers, academic teachers and students. Within each BUP Theme, we aim to establish networks of researchers. The research presentations on our web site are one part of this. To join, fill out our form, accessible via this link. Another part is the BUP Research Notes Letter where we publish current research affiliated to BUP Member Universities. I’m very pleased that we are receiving more and more contributions to disseminate. It is our belief that our readers find the research at the BUP member universities interesting. I would like to take the opportunity to invite you to contribute to our Research Notes via the section on the web site. The aim is to spread both research findings and the knowledge about researchers within the Programme. This is an opportunity to both contribute to the development of BUP research initiatives and co-operations, as well as a way for you to spread research findings and information. Please use this link when submitting your contribution. The publishing is of course free of charge! Newsletter 62