Researcher Presentations

This issue of the Research Notes Letter builds on published research articles submitted to us by researchers at the BUP Participating Universities. Thank you for your cooperation and giving us the possibility to convey your research findings to a larger audience. To have your publication presented both on the BUP web site and in a forthcoming issue of this newsletter please fill in the Research Notes Letter Form. Articles focusing on sustainable development in a wide sense or Education for Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region are preferred.

On the BUP web site we have added some Researcher Presentations according to the BUP Themes. You will find all the presentations under the heading Researchers. There is room for many more, so take this opportunity to join the BUP researcher network by filling out the Researcher Presentation Form. A photo of yourself is required, preferably in the jpg-format.

Next issue of the Research Notes Letter will be published by the end of the year. Welcome with your contribution! Research-notes-letter-3-2020