Меню Закрити


Department of Physiology, Bioethics and Biosafety

The study of the discipline”Psychophysiology” allows to form knowledge of psychophysiological phenomena in human bechaviour; to acquaint students with the principles of using psychophysiological knowledge in the practical work of a family doctor. Assimilation of the
material of practical classes and lectures will allow students to reveal the physiological basis of
mental phenomena; to study the behavior in various experimental influences on physiological
processes, to find out the interrelation between the psyche and neurophysiological processes of
memory, thinking, emotions, etc. Knowledge of the basics of psychophysiology will form the
ability to conscious professional behavior aimed at maintaining health, maintaining vitality, the
ability to restore physiological potential. Understanding by a medical specialist of the physiological
basis of human mental activity will contribute to further professional growth, a positive assessment
of the situation of professional genesis, better social adaptation, greater expression of emotional and
volitional characteristics, normalization of personal anxiety.