Меню Закрити

Environment and Health

Department of General Hygiene and Ecology

Responsible for implementation – prof . Lototska O.V.

The discipline “Environment and Health” acquaint students with the main environmental factors and the processes of their impact on human health,
give information about the role of natural and anthropogenic factors in shaping public health, methodological foundations of studying and regulating the complex impact of factors environment for human health.
The subject of the discipline is the study of the impact of environmental factors on human health, assessment of risk factors for health and justification of measures aimed at disease prevention, ensuring optimal living conditions, health promotion and prolonging human life.
As a result of studying the discipline students should be able to conduct anthropoecological analysis based on the principles and methods of assessment of natural and anthropogenic systems from the standpoint of human health, assess the risks and damage to human health from adverse
environmental factors, develop prevention measures (primary, secondary and tertiary) diseases and promote their implementation in practice .