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International Student Congress Of (bio)Medical Sciences (ISCOMS) in Groningen (Netherlands)

On behalf of the Organising Committee of the International Student Congress Of (bio)Medical Sciences (ISCOMS) in Groningen, the Netherlands, we are contacting you again.

The 28th edition of ISCOMS will take place from the 8th until the 10th of June 2021. Currently, we are working on a hybrid version of the congress. Irrespective of the COVID-19 situation, we may assure that ISCOMS 2021 will take place digitally. We would like to remind you that the abstract submission period of ISCOMS 2021 is open now until the 31st of January 2021!

 The programme of the congress consists of presentations from students, keynote lectures, interactive workshops, a patient lecture and a surgical operation. The keynote lectures include among others Nobel Prize winner 2019, Prof. Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe. Furthermore, we host a (online) social program to give participants a chance to broaden their networks and get to know each other

 To be able to promote our congress even more this year, we would appreciate your assistance by placing posters at your (bio)medical faculty. A copy of our poster for ISCOMS 2021 is attached to this email, as well as a letter addressed to students who may be interested in attending the congress. We would appreciate it very much if you could forward this letter to your students. 

 Also, we would like to kindly ask you to send us your postal address if you would also like to receive hard copies of our posters and flyers, which we will then send to you. Thank you in advance. 

 For any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email at iscoms@umcg.nl. Also, feel free to visit our website www.iscoms.com for more information about ISCOMS.