EUA’s vision for Europe’s universities in 2030

In my New Year letter last month, I signaled the Association’s plan to publish an important strategic document. Today, I am writing to present to you EUA’s vision for Europe’s universities in 2030 . Even though we are all still dealing with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, managing daily crises, it is still vitally important that we plan for the future, shaping it as much as coping with it. I hope that you will take some time to read and reflect on it.
Our responsibility as universities to have a clear and strong strategy has never been more important; universities are now at the center of our knowledge societies. We have a crucial role to play in promoting creativity and learning, which are essential to humanity and the survival of our planet. Success in the coming decade will demand partnerships, with our peers and with the rest of society, that will be deeper, more dynamic and more complex than ever before.
Over the past year, EUA has developed a new vision for Europe’s universities with input from more than 100 experts from within our membership, from stakeholders in Europe and beyond: “ Universities without walls – A vision for 2030 ”, a vision for universities by universities , should inspire the whole academic community. It should also signal to society, policy makers and external partners that we are open to deeper, more impactful collaboration.
At EUA we will use the vision to frame and guide our input and responses to public policy initiatives such as the emerging European Education Area, the European Research Area and the Bologna Process. We will highlight the vision further in EUA activities with members – through the Annual Conference in April and three workshops with university leaders to develop pathways for achieving the vision. You will receive more information on all of this in due course.
While inviting you to reflect on the vision, I will be grateful if you might also share it with your leadership team and with your academic community; it may usefully guide your university’s deliberations on future planning.
Yours sincerely, Michael Murphy – President, European University Association (EUA)
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