Bioethics of preclinical and clinical research

Department of Physiology, Bioethics and Biosafety

Responsible for implementation: Associate Professor Tolokova TI

The purpose of teaching the discipline “Bioethics of preclinical and clinical research” is to actively promote the humanization of medicine based on universal moral values and personality model of bioethics, deepening students’ knowledge of morality, as well as realizing the humanistic potential of bioethics as a science, education of students respect for biocentric values and respect for the dignity of human life from the birth to natural death.

“Bioethics of preclinical and clinical research” as a discipline is a component of modern socio-humanitarian education, aimed at forming in students not only a responsible level of professional knowledge and skills, but also a culture of ethical thinking based on the values of universal and professional morality.

“Bioethics of preclinical and clinical research” as a discipline involves the use of interdisciplinary approaches: medical-pharmaceutical, philosophical, sociological, psychological, etc., in solving complex problems of modern medical science and theory, generates knowledge about the personality model of medical bioethics, legal instruments  protecting person, society and humanity as a whole from the undesirable and harmful consequences of the introduction of new biomedical technologies, brings deep conviction in the need for strict adherence to ethical and moral norms, rules and principles in scientific activities, creates the ability to evaluate the latest advances in biology and medicine  in terms of determining the degree of danger to man and society today and in the future, the importance of academic integrity and academic culture in the field of professional activity.

The task of studying the elective course is: to reveal the problems in solving complex problems in the field of professional research and innovation, which involves a deep rethinking of existing and the creation of new holistic knowledge and professional practice;  to conduct independent original scientific research and to carry out professional, research and innovation activities in the field of medicine.