Medical ethics

Department of Physiology, Bioethics and Biosafety

Responsible for implementation: Associate Professor Tolokova TI

The purpose of teaching the discipline “Medical Ethics” is theoretical and practical training of future health professionals in understanding of the moral principles of medicine, empathy, professional duty and principles of behavior of medical staff, aimed at creating in medical practice  of favorable conditions for recovery of patients.

“Medical ethics” as a discipline is a component of modern social and humanitarian education, aimed at forming in students not only a responsible level of professional knowledge and skills, but also a culture of ethical thinking based on the values of universal and professional morality.

The main objectives of the discipline “Medical Ethics” are the education and training of a modern highly qualified specialist in the field of medicine to perform professional duties, the formation of a system of knowledge, skills and practical skills regarding ethical norms and principles used in communication with colleagues, medical staff, patients and the population, which together creates the basis of professionalism in the work of a doctor, scientist, researcher in the field of clinical medicine.  The task of studying the elective course is: to reveal the relationship between doctor, patient, relatives and the relationship of society with socially problematic diseases;  to teach the future doctor empathy, tolerance, to expand the range of clinical thinking, to give the basic skills of direct conflict resolution, as a direct and indirect participant;  to form in students a sense of the highest social and legal, moral and professional responsibility in the process of future activities;  to explain to future doctors the moral and ethical principles of solving problems of care for the chronically ill and disabled people, care for patients with AIDS, problems of psychiatry and research of the human psyche, narcology and oncology from the standpoint of bioethical worldview.