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Dear BUP colleagues,

The Baltic University Programme’s coordinating secretariat

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Are you interested in sustainability in the Baltic Sea region?

Then you are most welcome to join us at the 2021 BUP Symposium. At this event, you have the chance to discover the latest findings within research in the Baltic Sea region, as well as have the  орportunity to discuss the current findings. A number of active European networks will also be present at this event. The aim of the Symposium 2021 is to be a platform where the regional  research and educational communities can get together and get to know each other better as colleagues at Participating Universities of The Baltic University Programme.
*The registration for listeners is free and now open! *
We want to encourage all participants to take an active role in discussions and presentations and we will allocate extra space in the program to for this.
Register as a listener <https://doit.medfarm.uu.se/bin/kurt3/kurt/25254>

Related to the BUP Symposium 2021, there are two possibilities for publication, which are also open for researchers not being able to attend the BUP Symposium:

1. “Challenges and Possibilities for Sustainable Development in a  Baltic Sea Region context – 2021”, a special issue hosted by the BUP  in cooperation with the scientific journal /Sustainability/. Welcome  to contribute with your full paper. The general detailed info about  the special issue can be accessed with this link: Detailed  information about the special issue on the Sustainability web page  <https://www.mdpi.com/journal/sustainability/special_issues/Baltic_Sea_Region_2021>

2. “Towards a Sustainable Baltic Sea Region”, a book published by  Springer. Expressions of interest, consisting of a 200 words  abstract with all contact data from the authors, should be sent to:
SDG-Publications <SDG-Publications@haw-hamburg.de>. The deadline for  abstracts is 30 October 2021. Full papers are due by 30 January  2022. Further details will be shared with the selected authors.


BUP PhD Students Training

*Interdisciplinary – Multicultural – International*

The 2021 PhD Students Training will take place at Łódź University of Technology, Łódź in Poland. If you are one of the 25 admitted PhD students joining the training, you will be supported by an expert team of senior scientists. With different backgrounds and different nationalities, everyone will bring something to the table. The objective of the training is to give each PhD student the possibility to meet and discuss scientific problems with a focus on sustainable development in an interdisciplinary, international, multicultural and regional context.

The training will include lectures, workshops, students’ presentations of PhD work and individual consultancies of PhD work with international experts.

24-28 November 2021

*Updated deadline: 20 October 2021*

About the training on the BUP web page <https://balticuniv.uu.se/education/phd-training/phd-students-training/>
Apply for PhD Students Training <https://doit.medfarm.uu.se/bin/kurt3/kurt/23023>

*Application deadline is 15 December 2021*

*BUP Master Thesis Training*

The BUP Master Thesis Training is a new concept, aimed to give master students an opportunity to get supervision from a senior from another BUP Participating University. Moreover, it will provide an opportunity to get feedback from other students in the region, build connections with other students, and become better acquainted with other academic perspectives in an interdisciplinary and intercultural environment. This training offers an interdisciplinary learning experience, with sustainability as a shared concept.
The Master Thesis Training on the BUP web page

*Network news*

/Klaipėda University invites to /

*The Blue Growth Leaders Academy *

The admission deadline for the previously communicated Blue Growth Leaders Academy, given at Klaipėda University, is 22 October 2021 (NOT as previously mentioned 2022)
Apply on KU website before 22 October 2021.