Sustainable Cities: Urban Adaptation to Climate Change

Sustainable Cities: Urban Adaptation to Climate Change

18 November 2021

14.00-16.00 (CET) Online

Photo: Victor on Unsplash



Welcoming notes by the BUP


Presentation 1- Small Cities Vulnerability Assessment and Planning Adaptation to Climate Change- Victor Karamushka and Svitlana Boychenko


Presentation 2- Ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change: re-thinking the role of green and blue infrastructure in the urban environment- Anatoliy Smaliychuk


Presentation 3- Ecosystem Services by Urban Plant Associations Under Changing Climate : Threats and Opportunities- Margaryta Radomska


Panel discussion


Concluding remarks


The Space Bridge host is Iryna Kriba

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This event is a join cooperation between the BUP’s coordinating secretariat at Uppsala University and the BUP’s National Centre in Ukraine, located at Ivan Franko National University in Lviv.