Меню Закрити

The one-month position of Visiting Professor or Visiting Researcher

Department of Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences (BIOMETEC) at the University of Catania (Italy) has an initiative to welcome and support Ukrainian staff in the following academic and scientific fields: Anatomy, Histology and Movement Sciences; Medical Biochemistry; Biology and Genetics; Pharmacology; Physiology; Microbiology; General, Clinical and Oncological pathology. The positions of Visiting Professor or Visiting Researcher will be funded with a grant for a mobility period of at least 1 month from September to November 2022. Amount of each fellowship will be determined based on the number of applications.

Candidates should send an email with institutional address to the Director of the BIOMETEC at biometec@unict.it, with the following subject: Call for Ukrainian visiting scholar.

Following information must be included in the application email:

• Short CV, including the list of the publications of the last 5 years;

• Detailed research and / or teaching program and proposed period of mobility;

• ID/passport.

Be aware that the following procedures will apply to selected scholars:

Before mobility – the registration procedure established by the University of Catania: https://www.unict.it/it/internazionale/incoming-visiting-professorresearcher

After mobility – the submission to the International Unit of the BIOMETEC of these documents:

1) a reimbursement request to BIOMETEC for expenses incurred during the mobility timeframe, attaching all receipts for travel, board and lodging expenses. Please note this is the only way to receive the grant, potentially subjected to changes

2) a report of the activities performed during the mobility timeframe, countersigned by a BIOMETEC researcher/professor (the person who represented your academic contact at BIOMETEC).

If you require more information, please contact the International Relations Department at I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University.