Меню Закрити

Doctoral School of the Medical University of Silesia

Medical University of Silesia in runs the Doctoral School, which educates doctoral students and prepares to obtain a PhD inmedical sciences and science on health in discipline:

– medical sciences,

– pharmaceutical sciences,

– health sciences.

The education of doctoral students is free, lasts 4 years and takes place in accordance with the Training Program.

Recruitment of candidates will 12/06/2023 and will until 14/07/2023. Further information can be obtained at: phone number +48323705266, +48322 083689

mail address: szkoladoktorska@sum.edu.pl.

and on the website: /szkoladoktorska.sum.edu.pl

Medical University of Silesia in Katowice aims to increase international mobility of doctoral students and to conduct international scientific research. The university provides a friendly education program and the possibility of conducting research directly in the SUM.

We recommend entering the doctoral program after completing the internship