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News from the BUP secretariats

The Baltic University Programme and Riga Technical University share a call for The 64th International Scientific Conference “Scientific Conference on Economics and Entrepreneurship” (SCEE’2023) This event will be held on 12 October 2023 at Riga Technical University (in person & online via Zoom). The topic of the conference is “Institutional Capacities and Values: Promoting Research for Development”. SCEE’2023 provides an academic platform for researchers to present the latest developments, research findings, ideas, and applications about all aspects of science and business. The purpose of this conference is for scholars working in different disciplines to come together to exchange knowledge and experiences and thus prepare the ground for multidisciplinary studies. The conference will bring together scientists, researchers, and PhD students from around the world.

All papers are going to be selected according to double peer reviews and accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings (ISSN 2256-0866) or in these peer-reviewed scientific journals, referred on international databases (abstracted and indexed in EBSCO, ProQuest, Versita and VINITI data bases): “Economics and Business” (https://sciendo.com/journal/eb) and “Baltic Journal of Real Estate Economics and Construction Management” (https://sciendo.com/journal/BJREECM).
In cooperation with the BUP and within the Latvian Presidency, there is a possibility for a limited number of scholarships (approximately 10) for participants from the BUP participating universities. The scholarship includes the conference fee, one hotel night, and one dinner (provided by the organisers, no monetary payments). Application for the scholarship should be sent after the registration to the conference and approval of the abstract but not later than 15 August 2023 to Lyudmyla Babak via lyudmyla.babak@balticuniv.uu.seRead more about the event and how to submit an abstract or a full paper. The last day to submit an abstract is 1 October 2023.
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News from participating universities
Ivan Franko National University of L’viv shares call for Аrtificial Intelligence Technology: Summer School During this event, you can meet the best industry specialists, experts, mentors, and lecturers from leading IT companies that create a unique educational platform for studying the features and novelties of artificial intelligence technologies. This year the training will take place 26 June-7 July, it will mainly be conducted online and will consist of both theory and practice.

The goal of the event is to create an educational platform for studying theoretical foundations and practical skills between students and the IT industry in the field of artificial intelligence. To strengthen the attention of students of technical specialties to the challenges and opportunities provided by the technology of artificial intelligence. To create a basis for the development and creation of innovative products and solutions that use artificial intelligence. Topics for learning: computer-aided learning, Python basics, Deep learning, mobile development for iOS, Android, etc.
Visit the event website to read more about the summer school. Registration for students: http://ai.lnu.edu.ua/index.php?id=1493 The
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National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” shares call for the Sikorsky Challenge 2023 – A Competition of Innovative Startup Projects  The purpose of the event is to identify the most interesting and up-to-date projects in various fields of technology and to provide the authors with assistance in commercialisation, creation of successful start-up companies, and bringing innovative products to the national and international markets.

Since this is going to be the second Festival carried out under war conditions, it will be dedicated to the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. Thus, the Festival consists of the following sections: 

•    Defense and security: defense-industrial complex;
•    Information technology, cybersecurity;
•    Industrial high-tech, aviation and space;
•    Civil and military infrastructure;
•    Environmental and energy security;
•    Biomedical engineering and human health;
•    Agricultural engineering and food security;
•    Transport and logistics;
•    Blue Economy (Maritime Transport, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Costal and Maritime Tourism).

Please use the following links if you want to take part in the event: 
Participant: https://bit.ly/3WNCcRV 
Expert: https://www.sikorskychallenge.com/expert2023/ 
Investor: https://www.sikorskychallenge.com/en/investors/ 
Sponsor: https://www.sikorskychallenge.com/en/partnership-and-sponsorship/ 
Deadline for applications is 10 August 2023Read more about the Sikorsky Challenge on the event website. The BUP participating universities in Ukraine have an additional option to participate in a boot camp within the RESCUU project which will be a part of the Sikorsky Challenge. Information about applying to the boot camp has been sent to our Ukrainian contact persons. If you want more information about the boot camp please contact Lyudmyla Babak.