Basics of aesthetic restoration of teeth 

Department of Pediatric Dentistry

Responsible for implementation – PhD, assistant N. I. Sydliaryk

The objectives of the course “The basics of aesthetic restoration of teeth” are: the ability to conduct a survey of a dental patient, justification and formulation of a preliminary diagnosis; ability to analyze the results of the examination and carry out differential diagnosis, to make a definitive
diagnosis of diseases of the hard tissues of the teeth, to identify and identify the manifestations of somatic diseases in the oral cavity, to determine the principles of complex treatment of lesions of the hard tissues of teeth in the clinic, to identify various clinical options and complications of the tissues of the diseases odonto-restoration with modern materials and techniques. The student must know and be able to: the purpose and task of restoration of permanent and temporary teeth in children; main groups of materials used in odonto-restorations; methods of restoration of anatomical form of temporary and permanent teeth; algorithms for restoration of temporary and permanent teeth taking into account the age of the person, anatomical
and functional features of different groups of teeth.