Basics of Sociological Research

Department of Higher Education Pedagogy and Social Sciences

Responsible for implementation – Head of Department of Pedagogy of Higher School and Social Science, Professor Melnychuk Iryna.

“Basics of Sociological Research” as a discipline that offers knowledge about the basics of scientific ethics, the basic ethical principles of scientific activity, types of violations of scientific ethics and responsibility for appropriate actions, about the peculiarities of preparing a scientific sociological publication about the basics of writing a scientific article, about sociological publications and other types of research results, the specifics of the scientific sociological report, the peculiarities of the preparation of the scientific sociological report, the peculiarities of the preparation of different types / types of co ideological reports, the rules for the preparation of graphs and tables in the sociological documentation, the basics of creating a presentation on the results of sociological research, the various techniques of effective speech, about sociopsychological aspects of effective speech, the requirements for the speaker when presenting the results of sociological research, about basic exercises for creating effective presentation, basic exercises for effective presentation; etc.
Purpose of the study: “Basics of Sociological Research” for medical students is a deep and comprehensive knowledge, understanding of social processes and phenomena, development and implementation of effective social policies, management of social processes, analysis of the functioning of social systems and social institutions requires a large amount of objective information that can be obtained as a result of sociological research.
Teaching the subject “Basics of Sociological Research” is the professional training of undergraduates studying in the specialty “Public Health”, with the aim of forming and developing their competence in the field of health care, aimed at obtaining the necessary volume of empirical sociological knowledge, acquiring practical health skills. Identify the main functions of sociological research: cognitive, methodological, practical, informational, managerial.
1. Sociology as a science.
2. Sociological research: concepts, functions, types, typology.
3. Historiogenesis of sociological research
4. Areas of sociological research
5. Working hypotheses of sociological research
6. The project of sociological research.
7. Program of sociological research.
8. Sampling in sociological research.
9. Methods of collecting sociological information
10. Questionnaire – the main tool of sociological research.
11. Processing and analysis of primary sociological information.
12. Organization and carrying out of sociological researches in Ukraine and abroad.