Clinical laboratory diagnostics in internal medicine

Department of Functional and Laboratory Diagnostics

Responsible for implementation – Prof. M. Marushchak, Ass.Prof. T. Zaets T.

The purpose of studying the discipline is: students learn the principles and skills of rational use of laboratory algorithms for various forms of pathology, the formation of stable skills of future doctors to use the methods of laboratory diagnostics in the treatment and diagnostic process.
As a result of studying the course the student must acquire the following competencies:
-modern diagnostic possibilities of laboratory researches in clinic of internal diseases;
-peculiarities of preanalytical stage of laboratory studies in therapy, rules for preparing patients for laboratory examination;
-ability to recognize the main clinical syndromes in the most common diseases of the internal organs in order to formulate a syndromic diagnosis,
-to select the spectrum of adequate laboratory tests and to make diagnostic algorithms in accordance with current recommendations,
-be able to interpret the results of laboratory examination methods.