Current issues of cerebral vascular pathology

Department of Neurology

Specific goals
1. To master the principles of classification of vascular diseases of the brain and spinal cord.
2. To interpret the anatomical and physiological features of the blood supply of the nerves system.
3. To understand the etiology and factors of vascular diseases of the nervous system.
4. To interpret the clinical picture of cerebral vascular pathology.
5. To understand the leading clinical syndromes of acute and chronic disorders of the cerebral circulation.
6. To interpret the basic methods of clinical and instrumental examination of patients with cerebral vascular pathology.
7. To learn the principles of differentiated and undifferentiated treatment of vascular diseases of the nervous system.
8. To interpret the principles of drug and non-drug rehabilitation of patients with vascular diseases of the nervous system.
10. To understand the basics of primary and secondary prevention of cerebral circulation disorders.
11. To master the main groups of drugs used in cerebral vascular diseases.