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TSMU Has Received a Commendation for Volunteerism from Archbishop Nestor

On August 12 the Archbishop of Ternopil, Kremenets and Buchach Nestor presented a note of appreciation to Mykhailo Korda, the Rector of  I.Ya. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University, for the help with medical service arranging during the Ukrainian Youth Orthodox Camp “Virlia-2015”.

The Archbishop noted that the 6th course students of TSMU Petro Piala, Serhii Blyzniuk, Liliia Dumenko and Liubov Zhyla have performed the task perfectly. According to him, they did the best medical care job they could, they also carried on an awareness-raising work with camp participants. In particular they read lectures on “Sex Life Hygiene”, “Rescue Emergency Care” and held massage courses.

It is to be recalled that future doctors undertook a ten-day internship during Ukrainian Youth Orthodox Camp “Virlia-2015”. The event was held at St. George’s Monastery, which is located on a farm Virlia, Kremenets district, Ternopil region. Young people also joined the ATO soldiers help by weaving camouflage suits.

Press Service of Ternopil State Medical University