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Rector’s Congratulations on Independence Day

Dear colleagues

I congratulate you on the 24th Anniversary of Ukrainian Independence. August 24 is the most important date for all Ukrainians! We are powerful and great country with a rich history, interesting folk traditions, settled democratic convictions and extraordinary courage and love of freedom!


Our advanced privilege is more than two decades of independence. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian patriots and heroes dreamed of and fought for it. They gave their lives as a sacrifice for Ukraine. Unfortunately, today, the aggression of our northern neighbouring country makes us to defend our territorial integrity, lament for new heroes, and support those who defend Ukraine’s border in the East! Many of our colleagues follow their civic duty. They save lives the anti-terrorist operation fighters in the line. We are proud of our brave teachers, employees and students. We are fully committed to support them!

 We have defended the democratic choice of Ukraine during last year’s events on the Maidan once again. Every day we build a society of dignified citizens who value freedom and supremacy of law. Ukraine should take a rightful place among European countries, which are not only geographically close to us, but also likeminded states in terms of values and culture.

Please remember that each of us determines the destiny of our country. Let’s be proud of our glorious past. Let’s unite around the present truthful aims so that we could live in a prosperously country.

I wish you all national unity, prosperity, welfare, so long-awaited peace, which is the most important nowadays!


Slava Ukrayini! Heroyam slava! (Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!)


The Rector of TSMU Professor Mykhailo Korda