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A New Campus Building of TSMU Is Ready for Academic Activities

In a few days a new campus building of Ternopil State Medical University will be full of students. They will study Philosophy, Ukrainian and International Languages, Medical Physics and attend Officer’s Reserve Corps training there.


“We have rented a campus building of Ternopil National Economic University at 7 Doroshenko Street. So the training area has been improved. The campus has four floors and is in very good repair. Today, five departments, including the Department of Disaster Medicine and Military Medicine, Department of Ukrainian Studies, Department of International Languages and Medical Terminology, Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Department of Medical Physics, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment are arranged 1603 square metres in area.

 All classrooms were adapted to contain groups of 12-13 students each. Cosmetic repairs and major renovations and improvements have been done. In computer labs the cables supply is still being arranged. All preparations will be finally completed till September 1. Some departments have already moved from the campus at Chekhov Street into the new premises. So now it is possible to enlarge the studying areas for the departments of the Faculty of Dentistry. This year we have the most freshmen in the history of the university and we faced the necessity to develop studying areas,” Professor Arkady Shulhay, the Vice-Rector for Science and Education, said.

The Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences and Department of Ukrainian Studies have already been moved to the new premises. It should be noted that in front of the campus on Doroshenko Street there is an area suitable for general military training. Recently such a practice ground has become extremely important. So, a number of important issues about of the educational process arranging have been improved.

Press Service of Ternopil State Medical University