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The Graduates of TSMU Preparatory Department Have Received Their Diplomas

On August 27 in the assembly hall of Ternopil State Medical University the Diplomas awarding ceremony for graduates of the Preparatory Department was held. For almost a year young people from 13 countries studied the Ukrainian language and culture, deepened their knowledge in chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics in Ternopil State Medical University. They were getting used to the peculiarities of life in Ukraine and making a decision about their future profession field. 62 international students have graduated from the Preparatory Department.

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“Dear graduates, is a very important event for all of you. The document you have received today provides you the opportunity to continue your study in universities of our country. I am very glad that 52 graduates of the Preparatory Department will be our university students. I want to congratulate you, because you are studying in one of the best universities of Ukraine.


Almost all of you have demonstrated high level of knowledge in various subjects during the examinations. I am pleased with your knowledge of the Ukrainian language. In the future it can help you to communicate with colleagues, converse with patients and participate in scientific conferences.

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I believe that you will get education you dream about and become highly qualified specialists. I wish you success and God’s blessing” – Associate Professor Petro Selskyi, the Dean of the International Students’ Faculty appealed to the graduates.

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The Head of the Preparatory Department Larysa Nalizhyta noted that many students passed the exams and earned the highest possible grades. She advised others to pattern themselves on the graduates and start the future career as a university student.

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“I am grateful to all the teachers of the Preparatory Department. You all are not only good teachers for international students, but you have become wise life tutor. We also felt the   ongoing support of the university administration and the Dean of the International Students’ Faculty,” Larysa Nalizhyta added.

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The Head of the Preparatory Department cited a passage of Lina Kostenko’s verses, in which the leitmotif is that “every finish in fact is a start.” We hope that the knowledge and experience gained at Ternopil State Medical University will be a great advantage for the graduates of this department.

Press Service of Ternopil State Medical University