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Topical Issues of Health Protection Were Discussed at the Research and Training Conference in TSMU

Is it possible to study health protection problems in an interesting and professional way during philosophy, culturology, history, politics, pedagogy or sociology classes? Turns out, it is. Moreover it is really necessary.


 On September 24-25 the participants of the regional research and training conference “Philosophy, methodology, psychological and educational aspects of health protection culture” presented this idea. It was a reasonable result of a research at the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Ternopil State Medical University.


The Vice-Rector for Research, Professor Ivan Klishch in his opening speech emphasized the practical importance of the health culture education for rising medical professionals, which begins with the development of adequate set of values and mindset formation. It is the field for of philosophers, educators, historians’ work…


 The Head of the Academic and Research Institute of Pathological Processes Simulation and Analysis, Associate Professor of the Department of Medical Physics of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment Valery Didukh expanded on etymological affinity of philosophy and physics, and the importance of patriotic and moral education that is foundational for the health of the nation.


The Deputy Head of the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Director of Studies, Associate Professor Oleg Pylypyshyn emphasized that health protection in the current context of technical progress remains a live issue today. Humanitarian, nature, technical, medical scientists should resolve it jointly.


The Associate Professor of the department Olga Khrystenko presented creative tasks that can be used in educational process to preserve the reproductive health of youth (e.g. preparation of text and design for social advertising to prevent abortions, 10 the most pressing questions to gynecologist, psychologist and priest about premarital virginity and marital fidelity keeping as a cornerstone of reproductive health of a family).


The teacher of the department Olga Lutsiv substantiated the advisability of synergetic approach for the training of intended doctors. “A heaven born doctor devotes people the warmth and light of their soul and all their professional skills,” the teacher said.


The Associate Professor of the Department Sergii Bondarenko proved the necessity of organizational and pedagogical possibilities of family, school and university combining for youth health culture education and the importance of historical experience in this process.


The Associate Professor of the Department Leonid Kravchuk described the cultural traditions of health protection and their educational potential. He noted that deriving wisdom from national sources we will bring up the citizens sound of body and mind.


 The teacher of the Department Taras Kadobnyi defined the peculiarities of art therapy in a philosophical context. He presented a number of interesting exercises and creative tasks that for spiritual and physical development of children with special educational needs.

Other interesting scientific studies are in the conference information package, which includes investigations of researchers from Poltava, Zaporizhzhia, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Khmelnytskyi, Rivne.

Due to the results of the conference a resolution was adopted. It was on advisability of joint efforts of scientists and teachers to develop health protection educational system in terms of formation comprehensive knowledge, skills and techniques development, increasing of healthy protection awareness of today’s youth during the social sciences, liberal arts and natural sciences classes, and in the context of curators’ educational work.

Information was provided by the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences