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New Perspective of Ternopil State Medical University and Vienna Medical University Cooperation

On September 10 Professor Harald Teufelsbauer from Medical University of Vienna (Austria) visited Ternopil State Medical University. At first the guest met with the rector of Ternopil State Medical University, Professor Mykhailo Korda. Ternopil and Vienna Medical Universities have been cooperating in educational and medical fields for many years. During the meeting the rector of TSMU agreed to accept vascular surgeons team from Vienna University Hospital in Ternopil who will accomplish high-tech surgeries by implantation the vascular prostheses into aortic aneurysm. This will allow our Continue reading →

A New Gym Is Opened at Ternopil State Medical University

This week in the dormitory №1 (A. Zhyvov Street) of Ternopil State Medical University new gym has been opened. It is equipped with modern sports facilities: a barbell, a punching ball, various training machines, table tennis and others. There students can get fit and spend free time with profit to their health. “We are ready to continue contribution to our students’ physical development, if they have desire to go in for sports. Rising doctors should realize the importance of healthy lifestyle. An excellent physical training Continue reading →

Ternopil State Medical University Will Collaborate with Lubuski College of Public Health, Zielona Góra

Ternopil State Medical University is persistently expanding its international cooperation. On September 9 the rector of TSMU Professor Mykhailo Korda discussed the possibilities of cooperation with the rector of Lubuski College of Public Health, Zielona Góra (Poland), the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of Rural Health in Lublin, Professor Alfred Owoc. The joint researches between the two universities, publishing of research papers in journals of Lubuski College of Public Health, which have a high impact factor, were disscussed. The areas of cooperation Continue reading →

The Rector of a Polish University Jozef Bergier Visited Ternopil State Medical University

On September 8-9 in the Rector of the Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Education in Biala Podlaska (Poland) Professor Jozef Bergier visited Ternopil State Medical University. He was invited by the university administration. At first the honorary guest met with the head of Ternopil State Medical University Professor Mykhailo Korda to discuss further collaboration and identify areas of scientific cooperation. “We are pleased to welcome you to our university. During the next two days we are going have a very busy schedule. Continue reading →

Summer Work Experience Internship of the Students of TSMU at Wroclaw Medical University

As part of Wroclaw and Ternopil Medical Universities cooperation the tradition of student exchange for interning goes on. This year, besides the students of the Faculty of Medicine, the summer work experience internship in Wroclaw the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy could pass too. The Faculty of Medicine was represented by the 4th and 5th course students: Hetmaniuk Vitalii, Lesnianska Svitlana, Malko Maria, Makhovskyi Vasyl, Ndjeng Aster Ntine, Oleksiak Olena, Pshenychnyi Andrii, Ryzhkovskyi Andrii, Fedortsiv Anastasia. The head of the group was a Master Continue reading →

Attention! The students of TSMU Are Invited to Join the Activities at Sports Clubs

1st and 2nd course students can be enrolled for sport activities of Ternopil State Medical University. List of sports clubs Volleyball Football Basketball Table tennis Badminton Greco-Roman wrestling Free-style wrestling Chess Wellness Rugby Artistic gymnastics Swimming Stretching Wu-shu Arm wrestling Track and field athletics Kickboxing Darts Recreational gymnastics Special Medicine Team To register appeal to the Department of Physical Rehabilitation, Human Health and Physical Education (tel. 25-36-69, 25-36-93). The training will be held at 3 p.m. at the sporting complex of TSMU.

Attention to students interested in swimming

A group of TSMU students is compiled for competitive swimming training for further participation in competitions among universities. Preference will be given to those who previously were engaged in swimming and received athletic titles. The training is starting on September 9 on Wednesdays from 19.00 till 20.30 in the Sports School №2, on Kniaz Ostrozkyi Street. To register appeal to Nazaruk Victor Lvovych, tel. 050 691 45 64.

Next Week Peace Corps Volunteers Are Giving English Classes at TSMU

On September 2the rector of Ternopil State Medical University Professor Mykhailo Korda signed a collaboration agreement with the representative of the Peace Corps in Ukraine Natalia Ponomarchuk and the organization’s volunteer Joanne Patti Munisteri. Next Monday the TSMU teachers and students will have an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of English. “We are grateful that you responded to our request to delegate a volunteer to TSMU. We exert every effort to help our teachers and students to speak English powerfully. The matter is that more Continue reading →

Participation of the TSMU Scientists in International Scientific Conference «Agrobiodiversity for Improving Nutrition, Health and Life Quality»

Over 100 participants from 11 countries took part in the scientific meeting: from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. During the meeting the prospects of expanding the range of phytomedications,          nutritional supplements, which are intended to improve human health and life quality, were discussed. Much attention has been paid to researches reestablishment of understudied and forgotten herbs and fruit plants of different regions. The results of the research M. Shanaida presented as a poster presentation (prepared in Continue reading →

The New Campus of TSMU Was Inaugurated

The new campus of Ternopil Medical University at 7 Doroshenko Street was inaugurated on September 1. Now the teachers of five university departments are working here, including the Department of Disaster Medicine and Military Medicine, Department of Ukrainian Studies, Department of International Languages and Medical Terminology, Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Department of Medical Physics, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment. After the official inaugurating a learning aura settled in the campus and the youth willingly started their studying. “Dear colleagues and students! Today we are Continue reading →

More Than 1,100 Freshmen of TSMU Started Their Studying

The ceremonial meeting of the Academic Board of Ternopil State Medical University on August 31was arranged to coincide with the matriculation ceremony for the students of the Faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, International Students’ Faculty and Institute of Nursing. That day Berezil, Les Kurbas Palace of Culture, was full of happy smiles of almost 1,100 future doctors, dentists, pharmacists and nurses. Religious clerics, the mayor Sergii Nadal, the vice-chairman of Ternopil Regional State Administration Victor Shumada congratulated the freshmen of Ternopil Medical University. The matriculation Continue reading →

Ternopil State Medical University Will Develop Scientific Collaboration with the University of Illinois at Chicago

To establish the collaboration in the area of scientific researches on August 31 Daniel Hryhorczuk,who directs the global environmental health programs within the Center for Global Health at UIC College of Medicine (USA), visited Ternopil State Medical University. During the meeting with the rector of TSMU Professor Mykhailo Korda he defined a number of scientific interests of the Center for Global Health. “First of all I want to thank you for the invitation to your university. I am very curious to know more about your Continue reading →