A Non-Governmental Organization Association of Ternopil State Medical University Alumni Was Created

Ternopil State Medical University has been always famous for its alumni. Talented scientists, doctors, teachers, health care managers are involved into development of medical science in our country. Their successes and professional achievements enhance the native Alma mater prestige.


 More than 25,000 highly skilled professionals, the holders of Bachelor, Specialist and Master Degrees, now are health care, educational and scientific workers not only in Ukraine but also all over the world. They all have graduated from Ternopil State Medical University during fifty-eight years of its functioning. Since the leading universities of the world and Ukraine, an initiative group proposed to create a Non-Governmental Organization Association of Ternopil State Medical University Alumni to develop the cooperation between alumni, students, research and teaching staff, to promote the development of medical science, education and care, to implement scientific and educational programs, to assist scientists, teachers, talented youth, graduates, to satisfy and protect social, economic and creative interests of the graduates.

On  October 17, 2015 Alma mater hospitably welcomed its graduates. The founding meeting took place in the hall of the administrative building to create the Association of Ternopil State Medical University Alumni and adopt the Charter of this Association. 171 alumni of Ternopil State Medical University took part in the event: 81 professors, associate professors, assistants, senior laboratory managers, PhD and Master Degree students of this university, 4 employees of other universities, 86 representatives of public health institutions, veterans and retired. 15 alumni came from other cities of Ternopil, Lviv, Khmelnytsky, Rivne regions and from Moscow (Russia).


The event was supported by the university administration.


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The Secretariat of the Founding Meeting