The Students of TSMU Keep on the Social Projects for Orphans

Recently, the students of Ternopil State Medical University visited Ternopil municipal orphanage for school-aged children. They talked about pubescence with the teenagers.

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“For better apprehension and understanding of the subject we delivered an interesting lecture. At first we showed educational film about pubescence, then advised on personal hygiene products for girls and contraception. We wanted to build an open and sincere dialogue, because their trust was the most important for us. The girls listened very carefully. It was very pleasant to hear gratitude from them,” the student of TSMU Illiana Hoda said.

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These students of Ternopil Medical University took part in the project: Natalia Biskupska, Kateryne Vorobets, Lilia Harasymchuk, Roksolana Osinchuk. They wanted to be best friend for the boarding school girls. And they did. All participants had a lot of positive and pleasant experience.

The students are grateful to the Director Volodymyr Dolynnyi for the warm welcome and cooperation.

Press Service of Ternopil State Medical University