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A Practical Seminar on European Programme Horizon 2020 took place in TSMU

A practical seminar on European Programme Horizon 2020 took place on November 12 and 13, 2015 in I.Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University. The seminar was organized by the Department of Research of the University with the support from the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine and the National Contact Point of the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation at the Uzhhorod National University.

Seminar topics were presented by Taisia Symochko, Lesia Tovkanets, and Dr. Nadia Boiko, who have significant experience applying for EU funded programmes, participating in international collaborative projects. Their areas of expertise in these programmes are food technology and healthy eating.

Taisia Symochko is the head of the National Contact Point (NCP) of EU Horizon 2020 FP at the UzhNU in the areas of societal challenges food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research, and the bio-economy and health, demographic change and well-being. NCPs are a network of professionals that offer free information and assistance services such as guidance on choosing thematic priorities and instruments; advice on financial aspects and administrative procedures; training and assistance on proposal writing.


Foto Taisia Symochko and Lesia Tovkanets

Dr. Nadia Boiko is a Professor of Biological Sciences, the Head of the Research and Educational Centre of Molecular Biology and Immunology of Mucosal Membranes at UzhNU, and the NCP expert. She shared her experience working on two projects of 7th Framework Programme. COST BacFoodNet is a project that aims to prevent the growth of biofilms; ODiN is aimed at finding the connection between human health and levels of vitamin D.

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The seminar offered a wealth of information, clarifying both theoretical as well as practical aspects of applying for Horizon 2020 funding. In particular, the following questions were covered: the essentials of Horizon 2020 project selection and application process, the most recent Working Programme for 2016-2017, types of projects and the examples of successfully financed projects, in particular those with participation of Ukrainian researchers. Special emphasis was placed on the information about medical initiatives, clinical trials and SME (the instrument for small and medium enterprises). The presenters also gave practical advice about creating cross-boundary consortia, the requirements for successful proposals and avoiding common mistakes in proposal writing.


The seminar was free of charge and opened for all interested parties. Thus, in addition to the researchers from TSMU it was attended by several representatives from the Ternopil National Pedagogical University. All seminar participants expressed interest in presented information and afterwards took part in group discussion.

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NCP representatives Taisia Symocheko, Lesia Tovkanets and Nadia Boiko also met with the rector of TSMU, Dr. Mykhailo Korda. Together with the Vice-rector for Research Ivan Klisch, Research Grant Projects Coordinator Inna Birchenko and the Head of the Department of Research Oksana Shevchuk they discussed the issues of participation in EU R&I initiatives and international research collaboration.


Information was provided by the Department of Research