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Ukrainian Exhibition “Everyone Has the Right to Be Aware of Their Rights” Took Place in TSMU

On November 14 the Travelling Methodical Exhibition “Everyone Has the Right to Be Aware of Their Rights” supported by the NGO Informational and Legal Centre “Human Rights” took place in I.Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University. It was facilitated by NGO “MART” as a part of the national educational program “We are aware of Human Rights”. The exhibition took place till November 18.

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The NGO Informational and Legal Centre “Human Rights” (the Chairman is Oleksandr Hrynkiv), the Department of Medical Law of TSMU (the Head is Natalia Kalyniuk), Ternopil City Department of Justice (the Head is Vasyl Martsynkewych) arranged the exhibition.

The micro-project Ternopil Student Initiative “Our rights” as a part of the project “Social centers for information and legal aid in Ukraine” should be implemented via this event. The project was initiated and supported by the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU) with the assistance of National Endowment for Democracy (NED). DSC05446-300x225

All the visitors received a piece of information about human rights as the main value of a society. Excursions lasted 45-60 minutes and included both informational and training units by guides. The visitors were involved into the discussion of topical issues on human rights and advocacy.

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The Rector of TSMU Professor Mykhailo Korda also visited the event and emphasized that the reason why this exhibition took place at the Medical University was that the rising doctors are the citizen of our country, and young people of any profession should be legally aware, especially currently experiencing tough times.

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The Head of the Department of Medical Law Natalia Kalyniuk noted that the ideological fundamentals for the civil society formation are the state recognition and realization of human rights, including in health care field. The personal development of a medical worker includes medical legal awareness. According to international standards in the event of medical relations, human rights prevail. So every developing society citizen should be legally aware as a participant of legal relations.

Information was provided by the Department of Medical Law