Ukrainian TSMU Students Supported the Students from Nigeria in Care for Ternopil Disadvantaged Social Groups

The international students of Ternopil State Medical University carry on volunteering. They created the NGO «Medicare and Social Welfare Initiative» (MEDCASOWI). This NGO cooperates with the Student Scientific Society and volunteers of TSMU. The Nigerians are famous for their volunteering in the Caritas Charitable Foundation and Petryky Nursing Home.

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On Fridays the international students are on duty in Caritas for two hours. eEveryone can measure their blood glucose level and take blood pressure. At first Ternopil citizens were a little cautious about this, but now they are willing to be examined by international students, they chat with them and are grateful for their support. Every day hundreds of homeless people and those who need social assistance come to Caritas for free lunches, to meet people and some attention.


 From the beginning of thise year, Ukrainian TSMU students joined the volunteer organization Medicare and Social Welfare Initiative. Now more than 30 rising doctors help their Nigerian colleagues to give medical advice to Ternopil citisens. The Ukrainian students Illiana Hoda and Iryna Lysa are the coordinators of this project.


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The students have scheduled their duty table and everyone is looking forward to the day to benefit the society.

Press Service of Ternopil State Medical University