TSMU Establishes Cooperation with Germany

On February 23-24 in Ternopil State Medical University the leading expert in microbiology and immunology of infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, Professor Timo Ulrichs from Akkon University of Human Sciences, Berlin (Germany), lectured for teachers and students on topical issues of medicine. Professor Ulrichs worked at the Federal Ministry of Public Health of Germany and has solid experience in health care organization. Today he consults to officials of our Ministry of Health. German experience in fighting with tuberculosis is very important and useful for Ukraine. German doctors managed to do everything possible for diagnosis and treatment of this disease. So, the lowest incidence of tuberculosis is registered in this country.


On February 24 Professor Timo Ulrichs met with the rector of Ternopil State Medical University Professor Mykhailo Korda to discuss some matters on establishment of close cooperation between the Akkon University, Koch-Mechnikov Forum and TSMU. So, a cooperation agreement on joint projects for implementation of early diagnosis and new treatment methods of tuberculosis will be signed. This cooperation offers new opportunities for Ternopil State Medical University to find new partners among the medical universities in Germany.


Koch-Mechnikov Forum conducts its activities in four major areas. Expansion of scientific cooperation and implementation of scientific exchange programs, joint scientific publications is one of them. The development of guidelines for proper diagnosis and current treatment methods of socially dangerous diseases is the other one. The specialists of the Forum consult to local regional and city authorities. Establishment of cooperation in this area offers new perspectives in fighting with TB for our region as well. Koch-Mechnikov Forum also deals with implementation of academic exchange programs for students and young scientists. By the way, this organization is closely cooperating with the national agency DAAD, Germany.

 The rector of Ternopil State Medical University Professor Mykhailo Korda suggested Timo Ulrichs to be a member of the editorial board of the scientific journal of TSMU «International Journal of Medicine and Medical Research». German professor accepted the offer and was very interested in the Program of International Student Summer School, which is held at our university every year.

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During the first lecture by the German Professor the TSMU teachers and students had an opportunity to learn more about German health care system and possibilities of their implementation in Ukraine. The other two lectures were regarding the diagnosis and new treatment methods of tuberculosis.

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