Ukrainian and International Students of TSMU Contribute to Projects Implementation of the Youth Organization AIESEC

The students of Ternopil State Medical University are involved in social and voluntary projects. They find many opportunities for self-improvement out of educational process. Recently, the members of the NGO AIESEC created English Speaking Club, the main objective of which is to improve spoken English for Ternopil youth. Currently, this public association consists of several of our students: Ira Shepet (2nd year student of the Faculty of Medicine), Ira Kulinich (3rd year student of the Faculty of Medicine), Yulia Khimiak (3rd year student of the Faculty of Medicine). The girls decided to invite international students of TSMU to the project. So, some international students of our university help Ukrainians to study English and Ternopil citizens help them to study Ukrainian too.


AIESEC is a political, independent, non-profit organization run by students and recent graduates of universities. This is a global network of young leaders under 30 years old who want to improve themselves and the public around them. The organization includes 126 countries and provides almost 10 000 cultural and professional exchanges for students every year.


 So every Wednesday meetings of the English Speaking Club and the team of associates of an age is held in our city. Friendly conversation lasted during the last meeting, no one was indifferent and everyone could express their opinion. The participants of the AIESEC noted they were happy that international students of TSMU had joined this event. Taiwo Olayinka is one of the true speakers. This time the students from Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan and Sudan visited the meeting. The club was filled with a special atmosphere and the new participants were of great interest. Young people spoke on various topical issues, sharing some new information on some matters.


The next meeting in the English Speaking Club of AIESEC will be held on March 30 at 19.00 in the cafe «Habanero». Students of our university are invited to broaden their horizons!

Press Service of Ternopil State Medical University