TSMU Expands Its Cooperation with Polish Scientists

The Institute of Rural Medicine in Lublin invited the TSMU administration to visit Poland on April 4-5. The TSMU delegation consisted of Rector Professor Mykhailo Korda, Vice-Rectors Professor Stepan Zaporozhan, Professor Ivan Klishch and Associate Professor of the Department of Pediatrics of the Academic and Research Institute of Postgraduate Education Ihor Rohalskyi. The trip was full of interesting meetings and cooperation proposals. At first the delegation got acquainted with the new Centre for Radiology Diagnostics and Therapy in Zamosc. The Director of the Centre Barbara Nizio demonstrated its facilities and invited the Rector Professor Mykhailo Korda and experts in oncology to visit its opening on April 22.


The training of TSMU teachers and paediatricians dealing with radiation diagnosis and therapy was agreed.

After that, the delegation visited the Institute of Rural Medicine in Lublin. This is a special place because the researches are held and medical assistance is delivered to residents of rural areas there. This matter is important for our region as well.


During the meeting with the Director of the Institute Professor Iwona Bojar, the Chairman of the Academic Council of the Institute Professor Alfred Owoc and the Vice-President of the Academy of Sciences of Poland Stanislaw J. Czuczwar, it was agreed on participation of our University scientists in joint projects on borreliosis, researches of toxicity of nanoparticles and their combinations with other xenobiotics, including pesticides. Possible joint research projects with the Department of Medical Biology on researches of biological activity of synthetic and natural substances in cell cultures to be held in our university were of much attention too.

Also in the Centre of Oncology in Lublin the delegation got acquainted with current methods of diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. They also visited the Department of Clinical Oncology, the Department of Pathology, the Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory, the Department of Surgical Oncology, the Department of Radiotherapy and Brachytherapy.


The delegates agreed with the administration of the institution, the Deputy Director of the Centre Dariusz Ciwiński, on the training of our teachers in contemporary methods of diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients.

The meeting with Marshal of the Lublin Province Arkadiusz Bratkowski was very fruitful. Due to the cross border cooperation, our Polish colleagues suggested a number of projects in health care, which will be discussed during Marshal’s visit to Ternopil at the invitation of the Rector Mykhailo Korda.

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During a meeting with the Consul General of Ukraine in Lublin Vasyl Pavliuk and the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Chelm Stanisław Adamiak, it was agreed on the assistance for Polish citizens wishing to study in Ternopil State Medical University in applying for visas.

The meeting with Archbishop of Lublin-Chełm Diocese of Polish Orthodox Church Bishop Abel was very hearty. He spoke about the historical aspects and the state of Orthodoxy in Poland, the help to residents of Luhansk and Donetsk regions suffering from the war.


The next day the delegation visited Warsaw. They met with the Head of the ALAB Laboratoria Bogusław Gnatowski and discussed the possible cooperation on establishing a branch of this laboratory in Ternopil. It is very important, due to the 25 year experience of this laboratory that is specialized on complex equipment of laboratory facilities in laboratories of biotechnology, molecular biology, and physics and chemistry, microbiology and clinical diagnostics. The company has all necessary to supply laboratories with furniture, reagents and other equipment and offers a number of services in this area –designing and full equipment of a laboratory. It was agreed that Bogusław Gnatowski visits our university for a more detailed discussion of this cooperation.


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The possibility of joint projects with the Department of Hygiene and Ecology of Ternopil State Medical University was discussed at the meeting with the Chief Sanitary Inspector of Poland Marek Posobkiewicz and his Deputy Grzegorz Hudzik.


The TSMU delegation also visited Air Centre of Medical Rescue (Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe). The Centre Director MD Robert Gałązkowski shared his intentions to create such centres in three regions of Western Ukraine – Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk, and asked our university administration to assist in solving the problems he faced during the implementation of this project. The Rector of the University Professor Mykhailo Korda promised to assist in cooperation with the authorities of our city and region on providing an area for training and invited Robert Gałązkowski and his colleagues to a conference at the Training Centre of ERC Chervona Kalyna. It was also agreed on trainings for experts in medical rescue in Poland.

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A modern Pediatric Clinic in Warsaw was impressed the most. It is also a training area of Warsaw Medical University. This is an up-to-date medical facility supplied with the latest equipment and technology for diagnosis and treatment.

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At this institution a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Public Health of Poland Jarosław Pinkas, Vice-Rector of Warsaw Medical University and the Head of the Department of Pulmonology and Allergology of the Clinic Professor Marek Kulus, the Director of the Clinic Robert Tomasz Krawczyk was held. Various aspects of possible cooperation with Warsaw Medical University in student exchange programmes and joint research projects were discussed. The administration of the Clinic agreed on training for our university teachers and paediatricians.

Information was provided by the Vice-Rector for Research Professor Ivan Klishch