Associate Professor of TSMU Visited the Leading Paris Hospitals

On April 2-12, 2016 the Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmacy Management, Economics and Technology Pokotylo Olena Oleksandrivna took part in the Ukraine-France Educational and Cultural Programme of Cooperation in Medicine. The project was organized by the French Non-Governmental Organization Association of French-Ukrainian Cooperation in Public Health and Pharmacy (ASFUDS) in cooperation with the Ukrainian Medical Association in Lviv. 7 university lecturers (Lviv, Kyiv, Ternopil), 7 students of medical faculties (NMU, ONMU) and 45 medical workers from Ukraine took part in it.

The aim of the project was that Ukrainian doctors, pharmacists and students of medical universities could get acquainted with one of the best public health system in the world, medical institutions and medical personnel training in France, visit specialized museums of medicine and pharmacy, expand experience exchange and scientific contacts.

The visit of the Institute of Paris V-René Descartes was impressive and memorable. The TSMU researcher got acquainted with the faculty of medicine, visited the Museum of History of Medicine, the Dupuytren Museum of Pathological Anatomy. The museum of great historical and academic interest because more than 6000 items, including many skeletons, hundreds of vessels with canned embryos are presented there.


The lecture, where the main principles and fundamentals of creation and organization of educational process at the Rene Descartes (Paris V) University were highlighted, was very interesting. This is a main medical university of France, about 30 thousand students study there each year. The structure of the University includes Faculties of Biomedicine, Pharmaceutics and Biology, Dental Surgery, Child Diseases etc. The educational process at the university is different, because most of the students’ training time is devoted to work with primary sources or researches in laboratories. Lectures are held as reading a few primary sources with their further discussion under a strict supervision of a teacher. By the way, there is no usual sequence of lectures and seminars at the Paris University, because individual work is more emphasized. If compared to the other prestigious universities of the world, studying at the Rene Descartes University is accessible behalf for many students; they pay about 250-1000 euros per one academic year. International students may also get a scholarship if they attain excellent academic results.

The visit of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Deaconess Hospital and of Chaton Hospital Center (Paris), where the TSMU researcher got acquainted with the structure and organization of the institutions and a number of advanced medical services, was also very interesting.


Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Deaconess Hospital

The introductory lectures by the Chief Doctor of the Department of Orthopedics and Surgery of the Orsay Hospital about the main functional units and the whole institution were impressive. He also focused on the unique of complicated surgical manipulations by means of the latest medical equipment.

During the visit to the Department of Urgent Care of Bichat Hospital and Hospital Antoine Béclère in Clamart the introductory lecture was held on special techniques of emergency aid delivery for patients following the standards at all stages.


Delegation of Ukrainian doctors, pharmacists and medical students during a meeting with the chief doctor of the Deaconess Hospital Terry Arne

 At the Department of Radiology of the Hospital Hôtel-Dieu an interesting and informative lecture on endovascular treatment of patients with various cardiovascular diseases was held. The latest equipment by Philips and advanced technologies and tools for treating patients with various types of arrhythmias and asequence is used to perform endovascular surgeries at the department. The surgery and hospital stay may take only 1 day.

The visit to the Department of Cardiology of the Jewish Hospital Pompidou was remarkable. This modern comfortable medical centre meets all the requirements of contemporary clinical medicine.

The visit to the leading French medical health centre in psychiatry and neurology Moreau de Tours of the St. Anne Clinical Centre was also very interesting. Doctors from many countries, Ukraine as well, train at the centre every year. Trainees can get valuable experience in conducting surgeries and using new methods of treatment of complex diseases such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and others.

Due to the educational program the TSMU scientist got acquainted with the world’s largest collection of 4,800 wax models of patients with skin diseases in the Museum of Dermatology Models of St. Louis Clinic and visited the Museum of Pasteur Research Institute in Paris, which deals with researches in microbiology, infectious diseases and vaccines.

During this training and educational program many interesting areas for possible future cooperation were developed.

Information was provided by Associate Professor Olena Pokotylo