International Students of TSMU Initiated a Charity Event “Child’s Smile”

The event “Child’s Smile” was initiated by the international students of I.Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University. This event aims to support children deprived of parental care and children who had to leave their homes because of military operations in Eastern Ukraine. The youth also dealt with large families of our city. The main tenet for the students’ charity work is the saying “Service is above everything else”.

The rising medical workers carried out their social work within the organization MVP, which branch functions in TSMU. They will welcome Ukrainian young people, who care about the fate of those who need support in Ukraine.


The aim of this charity is to make our children keep smiling and not to be in sorrow, so they could fully enjoy their childhood.

In order to raise the funds, goods and products, on May 14 the international students of TSMU are arranging a charity evening during which they hope to get everything necessary for 25 children from Eastern Ukraine. Many of these children have lost their fathers, and their mothers can’t take care about families alone. The students keep on looking for information about these families to know what they need the most.

The tickets for the charity evening have all been sold out. Some guests from other cities also join this noble work.

During this charity event one can help wth: rice, noodles, semolina, buckwheat, flour, sweets, and hygiene products (cleaning means, toothpaste, soap, etc.).

The sixth-year  student Lorraine Ama Ojiji and the fourth-year student Juliet Kusi-Boateng are the facilitators of the event in Ternopil.

“Let’s do everything we can to make the children always smile,” the international students of TSMU call.

Press Service of I.Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University