International Students of the Preparation Department Organized an Event “Language Joins Us!”

The Preparation Department of the International Students Faculty functions in I.Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University. 74 students from 16 countries, including representatives of Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, Ecuador and others study there. The students after graduation from the Preparation Department, which is chaired by Larysa Nalizhyta, study medicine at TSMU.

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International students eagerly study Ukrainian or Russian as well as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, country studies.

Studying at the Preparatory Department helps students from other countries to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of Ukraine. So, on May 18 the teachers and students organized an Arts Event “Language Joins Us!” Young people demonstrated their skills in Ukrainian language, dances and songs. They are also presented their culture to the guests.

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At the beginning of the concert diplomas for diligence and perseverance in studying, creativity and persistence were presented to the students. The Head of the Preparatory Department Larysa Nalizhyta appreciated the students’ exceptional courage and wisdom, and wished them inspiration and success in further studying.

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The event began with Volodymyr Sosiura’s poetry “Liubit Ukraiinu”. The main idea of the event was to join together by Ukraine and the Ukrainian language. All these young people got acquainted and made friends because of the language.


International students are very talented in dancing and singing songs of their own countries, and impressed the audience by a beautiful performance of Ukrainian folk songs such as “Chorni ochka”, “Oi, na hori dva dubky”, “Rozpriahaite hloptsi koni” and others.


Ukrainian and African modern dance with Ukrainian and African elements also impressed the audience.

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At the end the international students sang the song “Ukraiina – tse ty!”, which really touched the audience, as it was evident that they love Ukraine and the Ukrainian language even for such a short period of studying here.