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TSMU International student took third place in a nationwide sports competition in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Ahmed Elwany, a fifth-year dentistry student at the TSMU Faculty of International Students,  took part in a nationwide Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) sports competition  as a part of the team Gracie Barra (coached by Bogdan Miroshnychenko). More than 50 sportsmen participated in the event to compare their strength and skill in martial arts.


This self-defense discipline emerged in the early twentieth century from Kodokan Judo and was founded by teachers of Japanese jiu-jitsu schools, Ryu (jiu-jitsu means ‘gentle art’). BJJ training takes place in Gi or No-Gi styles, Gi being in kimono and No-Gi without the kimono, just in a T-shirt and shorts.

The first tournament of the competition was held in Ternopil, the second in Khmelnytskyi. In both tournaments Ahmed Elwany took third place, although he has been training in this sport for only six months.IMG_6557-200x300

Our congratulations to the athlete on his victories and best wishes of  further achievements in sports, successful completion of his studies and professional growth!