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TSMU Student team wins the VI National Championship of Emergency Aid teams

The team of students from TSMU competed in Slobozhansk medical rally, the VI Ukrainian Championship of Emergency Aid teams held near Kharkiv on May 25-27, was recognized the best in Ukraine. The future doctors from Ternopil won the first place in overall competition.


Fourth-year student of the Medical Faculty Bohdana Pereviznyk (doctor), third-year student of the Medical Faculty Denis Kosharskyi (paramedic), second-year student of the Medical Faculty Anastasia Hudyma (paramedic), and third-year student of the Medical Faculty Igor Byhar (driver) upheld the reputation of the university and our city.

“The competition started with an introductory conference on emergency medical care in disaster and conflict situations, which was presented by the leading specialists and experts in the field. We had an opportunity to participate in practical workshops, including the ‘Overview of standards in cardiopulmonary resuscitation’, ‘Stopping critical bleeding, wound dressing and plugging’, and ‘Triage.’ The latter workshop was taught by the Head of our Department of Disaster and Military Medicine, Professor Arsen Hudyma. His advice and guidance was helpful for all participants, because later we had an excessive which involved numerous casualties. “- told Bohdana Pereviznyk.


Overall 31 teams participated in the Championship, which also included experts from Lithuania and two student teams, from Ternopil State Medical University and a team of medical students from Kharkiv.

All competitions and contests were hands-on, so the participants had to quickly apply their new knowledge to provide help. “For example, we had a situation where an ambulance team was called to a four year-old child. After the primary and secondary examination and interaction with the parents we were able to diagnose brain trauma. Also, we had to know how to help patients with significant injuries and bone fractures. In addition, we rescued in the car accident victims, performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other manipulations. Another part of the competition was evaluation of practical skills, in which had intubate a one year-old child, administer an IV system, determine the area of burns and volume of infusion to treat these injuries. We also took tests that were developed separately for the doctor, paramedic and driver. Some tasks involved night time calls “- added Bohdana.
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An important competition involved dealing with a large number of casualties. This type of competition is a must-have event, because an ambulance team should know how to confidently triage the casualties and prioritize who should receive immediate assistance and who can wait. The three emergency teams arriving at the scene of the accident had to select a coordinator. When it was our team’s turn, all competitors agreed to designate Bohdana Pereviznyk as the coordinator. Meanwhile, the team drivers supervised the least injured people in the ‘green’ zone, and parked the ambulances. Each team has identified a person in charge of triaging the victims. The other team members were engaged in providing help. Overall, each team had eight competitive challenges.



“Frankly, we did not think that we would win. There were 29 professional teams. We thoroughly prepared, and also covered the areas were we had less experience, because not all of us, for instance, had already studied pediatrics. By the way, we bought a baby-sized cuff for measuring blood pressure, and the Department of Disaster and Military Medicine acquired a Pediatric Immobilization Board “- said Bohdana Pereviznyk.


This year, the judges determined the overall, professional and student winners. Our team won the first place among student teams, and took the overall first place, besting a professional emergency team from Ternopil by three points. The emergency team from Ternopil took the first place among professionals. The table below gives complete championship results, TSMU team has number 12.



Notably, both Ternopil teams participated in the display emergency crews wearing traditional embroidered shirts.



The students express gratitude to the TSMU Rector, Professor Mykhailo Korda for his complete support in training to and participation in this event.

They also wish thank the Chief of Territorial Medical Association of the Office of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil Region Mykhailo Vasylyshyn, who assisted in allowing the use of an ambulance vehicle for this competition. The Head of the DSNS Medical Expert Commission in Ternopil region Bohdan Yahelskyi also assisted in team training. The team expresses thanks to ambulance driver Oleh Aleksiy.


 Assistant professor of the Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Yurii Soroka, vascular surgeon at the University Hospital Yurii Sviderskyi, assistant professor  of the Department of Disaster and Military Medicine Victor Shatskyi, and assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology Natalia Petrenko helped the students to master important practical skills. The team also acquired practical experience  from cardiologist at Zalischyky Central Hospital Galyna Tsymbaliuk, who is a champion of Ukraine and Europe in Emergency Aid.


“I would like to thank the head of TSMU student council Taras Moroz, who supported us. I want to stress that this is not only our victory, but also of the big team of people who helped us to prepare in every way  and contributed to our participation in the championship. I once again sincerely thank everyone, “- said Bohdana Pereviznyk.

The Head of the Department of Disaster and Military Medicine, Professor Arsen Hudyma said that TSMU team trained diligently and with enthusiasm. The winning became possible as a result of constant work on acquiring practical skills at the Interdepartmental Center holding medical simulators and manikins.

“I would like to underscore that each team member had their own area of responsibility, and within it they performed flawlessly. In addition, future doctors covered each other, which in the end gave us such good results. We would like to acknowledge  the head of the panel of judges and the head of the Ukrainian Council of Resuscitation and Emergency medical care Vitalii Kryliuk, who ensured impartial and objective evaluation. It is encouraging that the University has contributed so much to the training and support of the student team, “- concluded Arsen Hudyma.


We send congratulations to our team on the victory and wish them to further improve their skills, and gain new achievements. The University Administration will continue to support talented youth in participation in similar competitions and in their professional growth.