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Meeting of TSMU Academic Council

A scheduled meeting of the academic council of Ternopil State Medical University chaired by the Rector, Prof. M.M. Korda took place on 31May, 2016



The first item on the agenda was a review of applications for open positions.

Academic Secretary, Professor I.E. Herasymiuk briefed the members of the Academic Council on the candidates for these positions.


Professor and member NAMS of Ukraine M.A. Andreychyn presented resolutions of the selection committee.

DSC_7638-300x199 (1)

A committee consisting of Prof. O.E. Samohalska, Prof. I.P. Mysula, O.Y .Protsiv was elected to supervise secret ballot count.  The results of the vote was announced by the chair of the counting committee Prof. O.E. Samohalska

DSC_7652-300x199 (1)

By the secret ballot for the post of professor of the Department of Internal Medicine # 1 was selected Prof. N.I. Yarema.


Prof. O.V. Avdeeva was elected to head the Department of Pediatric Dentistry.


N.O. Hevkaliuk, MD was selected for the position of Professor of Pediatric Dentistry.


Head of the Department of practical training of the students Assoc. Prof. V.B. Furdelia reported on  “The organization of training, agreement of plans and venues”.


In discussion of this issue participated:

– Vice-rector for research, academic and medical work, Prof. S.I. Zaporozhan

– Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work Prof. A.G. Shulgai


– Head of the Department of Dentistry, Prof. M.A. Lucinskyi


– Head of the Department of Dental Surgery, Prof. Y.P.Nagirnyi


Next item on the agenda was  Facilities and Maintenance report for  2015-2016 academic year, and approval of the plan for capital and ongoing repairs. The report was presented by the vice-rector on Academic and Social work, Assoc. Prof. O.B. Slabyi


Current issues were presented by:

  • Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work, Prof. A.G. Shulhai


  • Vice-Rector for Science Prof. I.M. Klisch

Written by Academic Secretary, Professor Ilya Herasymiuk.