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Work visit of TSMU delegation to the US and Canada

The delegation of Ternopil State Medical University consisting of the director of research institute of Nursing, Associate Professor Svetlana Yastremskaya and deputy director of research institute of Nursing, Associate Professor Lyudmila Mazur attended New York (USA) and Toronto ( Canada) on 24-28 of May to expand international collaboration between «Global Professional Consulting» and Ternopil State Medical University as well as conduct final exams for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Nursing.



During the visit the delegation met with Bob Herr, the dean of enrollment and admissions of Wagner College. This college offers Nursing Practitioner Program, which has a high rating and is popular with the graduates of the institute of Nursing.

At the meeting the parties discussed questions of distance learning on Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Nursing at Ternopil State Medical University and the opportunities for the students to continue their education at Wagner College. It was noted that graduates of the distance programs successfully verify TSMU diplomas with American independent evaluation agencies, which gives significant boost for their career growth and financial well-being. Today the distance learning program at Ternopil State Medical University has achieved a high level of trust and demand among nurses-US citizens.

Another meeting was with Michael D. Wolf, PhD, who presented online learning platform i-human, designed for medical students to study clinical cases. The website hosts nearly 450 clinical cases.


To effectively study clinical history,  each case description contains a list of questions and patient answers. There are also physical examination data and the results of additional evaluation methods, laboratory and instrumental. The students make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment to the patient. As part of the training mode the student can request a consult using the “Expert Opinion” option, which clarifies a particular diagnostic component.

A particularly valuable feature of the platform is that it provides evaluation of student work from on each clinical case. Assessment involves determining comprehensiveness of patient interview and examination, relevancy of the questions and examination, correctness of diagnosis and prescribed treatment. The program also provides feedback about proper diagnostic and treatment measures that the student omitted.


Demo case presentation on

The distance learning program at Ternopil State Medical University has been offered for the last 8 years. Introduction and development of this form of learning takes into account existing experience of educational institutions in the US and other countries, where similar distance (online) form of learning on nursing bachelor’s and master’s programs is used  for nurses who already have basic nursing education and work in hospitals.

The distance program at Ternopil State Medical University is gaining popularity among local students, as well as students from the United States, Canada, Israel, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Europe (Spain, Italy, Portugal, and UK). This form of learning is used by qualified junior specialists or Bachelors and students who are licensed nurses in their respective countries.


The number of distance students at Ternopil State Medical University is growing: 44 in 2010, 160 in 2011,  247 in 2012, 361 in 2013, 425 in 2014, 470 in 2015, and 448 in 2016. This year, 170 graduates  received their Bachelor’s degrees (including 110 international students) and 68 Master’s degrees  (including 30 international students) from the distance program at the institute of Nursing.

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In New York the state graduation exam was conducted for 103 Bachelor’s students in Nursing, and in Toronto for 7 Bachelor’s students. The Examination for a Bachelor of Nursing consisted of two parts, theory and practice.

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The theoretical part of the exam involved answering 150 test questions. During practical part of the exam, students examined patients and carried out manipulations on manikins.

Among students who passed the exam, 14 Bachelor of Nursing students received “excellent” grade, and 96 – “good”.

The defense of Master’s theses was carried out online as a conference with the members of examination committee and the faculty of Clinical Immunology, Allergology and General Healtcare, research supervisors. Thirty Master’s works were defended, among them 16 received “excellent” grade,  and 14 “good” grade.

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Thus, the visit will contribute to further expansion of international cooperation between higher education institutions of the US, Canada and Ukraine and will provide an opportunity to attract more international students to receive higher education at Ternopil State Medical University.

The trip was funded by the host parties in United States and Canada.