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TSMU researchers hosted a workshop on Meningococcal disease and its prevention

Ternopil Regional State Administration Department of Health, Ternopil State Medical University Ternopil Regional Clinical Children’s Hospital jointly organized a workshop on Meningococcal disease and its prevention. The goal of the workshop was to emphasize diagnostic criteria and proper care procedures for this disease to the audience of pediatricians, general practitioners, doctors of family and emergency medicine. The meeting was instigated by the increase in the incidence of meningococcal disease in children, for instance presently 18 patients are being treated at TRCCH.


Deputy Head Ternopil Regional State Administration Department of Health Lidiya Tchaikovska gave a presentation on the levels of meningococcal disease morbidity among children and analysis of treatment problems.

Professor Nataliya Banadyha (Chair of Department of Pediatrics) delivered the talk Approaches to diagnosis and differential diagnosis of meningococcal disease and emergency care prior to hospital admission, which highlighted the issues of epidemiology, prevalence, morbidity, and mortality from meningococcal disease. She drew attention to errors in the diagnostics and differential diagnostic features of this pathology. Current regulatory framework describes required mandatory medical measures, and transportation protocol in the pre-admittance phase. The lecture was met great interest and led to a lively discussion.


The next talk was presented by Olha Dyvoniak, the head of department of infectious diseases. She highlighted the issues of prevention of  meningococcal infection. Since the start of 2016 already 28 patients received  in-patient treatment. Typically, these are patients from different parts of the city and Ternopil region, attending pre-school child care, and are in contact with adults and children in their families. Such patients require especial supervision after their treatment.


TRCCH pediatric anesthesiologist Ihor Chornota continued workshop presentations with the talk Emergency medical care of children with meningococcal disease in hospital setting.  He stressed negative outcomes of late hospitalization and improper transportation of the patients to the hospital. He also drew attention to medications used in treatment and their proper administration.

Head pediatrician of Ternopil Regional State Administration Department of Health Maya Holyak wrapped up the workshop with the presentation titled Organization children medical care.

Information provided by the Department of Pediatrics.