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Scientists of Ternopil State Medical University participated in a national conference “Medical support of anti-terrorist operation, its scientific, organizational, medical and social aspects”

On June 16 professor Arsen Hudyma and associate professor Igor Harasymiv presentat ed a poster on Public education program of the military medical unit of Ternopil State Medical training reserve officers of Medical Service on the National conference “Medical support anti-terrorist operation, its scientific, organizational, medical and social aspects”, held in Kyiv at the National military medical clinical Centre of the Ministry of Defense. The conference was organized by the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The poster presented evolution of the department, since its establishment in 1997. In particular, that in a dedicated building during the 1998-2005 we created study rooms on subjects taught at the department: “General tactics and military topography”, “Organization of medical support”, “Toxicology, radiology and medical protection” and “Paramedical first aid “.


The department, together with Ukrainian Military Medical Academy, published textbooks and manuals on military and medical specialties.

The main focus of the educational process for the reserve officer program is its practical direction. To further this mission, during the spring-summer of 2003 the University established a center for training of reserve medical officers.

The idea was to use its organizational continuity to teach medical care starting on the battlefield, then- in the medical unit, where triage is performed and then first and specialized medical aid provided.

The center has a mockup of a military unit defense point together with a bunker, a treatment area, and marching grounds. The center equipped with medical vehicle: AP 2 for treating wounds and medical APC.

The center is located on the grounds of recreational complex of TSMU Chervona Kalyna and can be used  for the academic meetings and trainings, having all appropriate on-site facilities.


To improve the training of instructors of military medicine at the Center together with the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy, Ukrainian center of emergency medical care and disaster medicine regularly holds conferences and symposiums. In addition to training reserve officers, department also trains first responders in  emergency and disaster medicine.

All this experience with emergency medical care and disaster medicine allowed in 2007 prepare a student crew of emergency medical care, which took part in the II International Winter Championships of emergency medical care in Poland. The team took first place among the five international teams. In the overall ranking the team placed 12th among 40 professional teams. On the Forth National competition of emergency medical teams in 2016 student team took first place.


Having experience in simulation training, the department staff is often involved in a variety of operational and tactical exercises on disaster medicine. In particular, the staff participated in preparation to Euro 2012, and prof. Arsen Hudyma worked as a consultant at the receiving and sorting office of the Center disaster medicine in Lviv region.


Since 2015, Medical University operates interdepartmental training center that offers the latest manikins, simulation models and other teaching aids for students.

All this has significantly improved training program for reserve officers, deepen the body of knowledge and practical skills both at the interdepartmental training center and in the field.


The key to successful training program for reserve officers is consistent mastery of knowledge and practical skills.

Thus, Ternopil State Medical University has all the necessary conditions for effective teaching and training of young officers of medical service reserve.

The poster interested the participants, including the president of NAMS of Ukraine Vitaly Tsymbaliuk.


Information provided by professor Arsen Hudyma.